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Custom embossing on Confectioner Foil

Custom embossing on Confectioner Foil

  • These foils are just foil with no paper backing and are perfect for candy chocolate and other food items. And you could put on the foil any LOGO /PRINTING/DESIGN}/ARTWORK
  • Sheets may be cut according to the length and width of your choice. Foil can also be supplied in rolls for machine wrapping.
  • The Foil Colors are.00045" (11 microns) in thickness.
    This Foil is also available in a heavier weight .0006" (16 microns) -.001" (25 microns) in thickness.
  • This is Food safe foil and meets USDA FDA requirements for direct contact with food and adds appeal while providing a secure seal around the can candy or chocolate.
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  • .00045" (11 microns).
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